Sales Conditions

General supply conditions


These general supply conditions will be effective for any order,In case of bank transfer the delivery time start from receipt by e-mail copies of the accounting and identification code (CRO or TRN), unless expressly waived in writing by the parties and accepted and confirmed, always in writing, by grucce-shop. spa (hereinafter PMP)




The prices shown on the order confirmation are net of taxes, levies, transport costs and all other charges. grucce-shop reserves the right to change the prices and details regarding the expounded products, without any prior notice obligation. Any changes to price lists shall not affect the orders already confirmed by grucce-shop.


Delivery terms


Only the delivery terms indicated by grucce-shop on its order confirmation shall be deemed valid. Any late deliveries shall not in any case entitle the Customer to obtain price reductions, extended payments or any payment of damages.




The goods shall be deemed delivered “ex grucce-shop warehouse”. Transport shall be made under the sole responsibility and at the sole risk of the Customer, excepting any claims made by the latter against the carrier/forwarder. In the event of the Customer refusing to collect the sold goods, the Customer alone shall bear all the risks, responsibilities and costs for their conservation.


Force Majeure


Force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances and all exceptional events which could affect correct order execution, such as delays in delivery by grucce-shop suppliers, disruption of transport and manufacturing mishaps, trade union conflicts, lack of raw material and/or components, energy, measures by state authorities as well as restrictions on imports and exports, will authorize PMP to adequately extend  delivery deadlines or, if order execution is compromised or made impossible, to totally or partially withdraw from the contract, without the Customer being entitled to any compensation. PMP shall also be entitled not to execute the order, even if this has been confirmed, if the Customer has become insolvent, including with respect to other supplies or other suppliers, or if its asset security has decreased.



Payments can be made by credit card or Paypal.

Under no circumstances are additional costs foreseen as regards the selected payment condition.

Please remember that failure to comply with the payment conditions (shown on our order confirmation and all tax documents) will automatically result in interest on arrears being charged at the official reference Rate (former Official Discount Rate), increased by seven percentage points, as provided by Art. 5, sub-section 2 Leg. Decree 9 October 2002, no. 231, plus any refund of legal costs.

In case of failure to comply with the payment terms and conditions, grucce-shop further reserves the right to demand full payment of invoices, including those which have not yet expired, to suspend supplies and to cancel existing contracts and/or renegotiate conditions. We shall also be entitled to claim for any damages suffered.




The duration of the warranty period is one year from the date of delivery of the goods.

The customer should check to make sure the goods do not show any evident faults and if necessary notify in writing any such faults within at most 15 days from delivery to the email address indicating the fault found by means of photos, description and number of nonconforming pieces.

In case of actual product faults being found, PMP shall replace the nonconforming products at no cost; grucce-shop shall be entitled to offer a discount instead of replacing the product if it so decides.

grucce-shop disclaims any liability for damage to products clearly caused during transport.

No other costs shall be charged to the Supplier for damage (direct or indirect, present or future).

Should any products be found missing, this must be notified by the buyer within at most five days from the delivery date.



Any disputes regarding the construal and/or execution of the supply shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Treviso Law Court only.

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